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Car accident victims may seek compensation for their losses

You were in a car accident here in New Jersey. This was not a minor fender bender, and it was bad enough that you ended up needing medical care. Since the event, you have suffered physically, financially and emotionally. It is all becoming too much for you and your family to bear. Did you know that you may seek compensation for your losses through legal means?

Taking legal action may be the last thing on your mind following a car accident. You probably think that insurance will provide what you need and you do not like the idea of filing a lawsuit. The truth is that insurance does not often offer full and fair compensation for victims' losses. You may not like the idea of filing a lawsuit, but it may be the only way for you to achieve maximum relief.

The outlook following a spinal cord injury

The world moved in slow motion as emergency room doctors informed you that your loved one had suffered a spinal cord injury. Everything changed from that moment, and you knew that life as you knew it was over, and a new reality was beginning. Whether your loved one's injuries resulted from an auto accident, a fall on dangerous property, an act of violence or some other cause, the road ahead is sure to be long and painful.

More than half of spinal cord victims lose the use of their arms and legs, and about 42 percent become paraplegic, which is paralysis of only the legs. Paralysis is the hallmark of a spinal cord injury, and your loved one will have a strenuous period of adjustment. However, as tragic as paralysis may be, your loved one is likely to suffer in many other ways.

When your full coverage insurance isn't actually full coverage

Auto insurance can be a confusing thing. When you hear the words full coverage in terms of your car insurance, you think you're good to go. You're covered for anything that could come your way. Unfortunately, full coverage is not really what you think and having a basic policy like this could hurt you if you are ever involved in a car accident in New Jersey or elsewhere -- regardless of who is at fault.

What does full coverage actually mean? Why should you consider more coverage? What happens if you're in an accident and your insurance is lacking?

Acute compartment syndrome: A complication of serious injuries

You've probably driven the same route numerous times. You know the road like the back of your hand and remember making it home safely countless times. When the other vehicle slammed into yours, it came as a surprise.

You suffered serious injuries. Perhaps you suffered a serious bone fracture, crush injuries or a severely bruised muscle in an arm or leg. At some point, you begin experiencing severe pain in the muscles around the injury. Upon examination, your doctor tells you that you suffer from acute compartment syndrome and may need surgery to avoid further or permanent damage to the area.

How to know if your headache is related to a brain injury

Perhaps it's been weeks since you were involved in a car accident but you're still not feeling like you've completely recovered. Maybe it wasn't a motor vehicle accident that caused your injuries, but a fall at a local New Jersey mall due to no caution or warning signs that the floors were wet at the time. Not every injury is always immediately apparent following an accident.

Therefore, even if you went to a local hospital for treatment when the incident occurred, the medical professionals tending to your care may not have diagnosed all your problems. Especially if you're suffering from headaches, you may want to research various signs of traumatic head injury and follow up with your physician if you think your current problems may have something to do with brain trauma.

What is cervical acceleration-deceleration syndrome?

Most people know cervical acceleration-deceleration syndrome by its more common name: Whiplash. Hollywood and television portray this literal pain in the neck as a way to obtain compensation from someone after an accident. The characters alleging this condition often end up portrayed as con artists or opportunists.

This puts a negative light on people who legitimately suffer from this condition, which most often occurs in rear-end collisions. During the impact, your neck moves violently forward and backward. The most common symptom does involve neck pain, but can involve other symptoms as well.

Brain injuries: No two are the same

Brain injuries impact you in your daily life in many ways. You may no longer be able to work like you did in the past, or you may find it hard to interact with the people you love. Your memory may fail you, or you may have trouble getting the right words out when you want to speak. Whatever happened because of your brain injury is a direct result of another person's negligence. You deserve to receive compensation for the way the injury has affected you as well as for the financial losses you face. 

A cut above: Board certified civil trial attorneys

Many people who need an attorney after being injured in an accident actually put little thought into the process. Maybe they open up the Yellow Pages and select the one with the flashy ad that stands out, or perhaps they do a quick Google search for the closest one in their community. But the bottom line is that they invest very little research into their choice of who will best represent their interests.

It's not that the clients are remiss in their duties when selecting their attorneys. Consumer laws against false advertising restrict attorneys from claiming to "specialize" in certain areas. While this is a good thing in most cases, to a layperson with little experience in dealing with the law, it can make the selection process more confusing.

Can you get PTSD from a car accident?

It may not be just the experience of war itself that leads to PTSD. Evidence now suggests that physical injury to the brain may create a vulnerability to the disorder, as vets who had suffered a traumatic brain injury or a concussion appear to be more susceptible to the disorder. 

If this is true, then it means that anybody who has suffered a physical brain injury could also be at risk of developing PTSD. This includes people who have been in a car accident, people who have been victims of domestic violence and others who have sufferered a traumatic brain injury through the negligence of another person.  

Cherry Hill Medical Malpractice Lawyer: Demand for Better Patient Protection from Hospital Mistakes

In the United States of America, nearly half a million people die from medical mistakes each year. Medical errors that result in medical malpractice rank as the third highest cause of death, after fatalities attributed to cardiovascular failure and cancer. Medical errors can include fatal mistakes committed by doctors, patient infections contracted post-surgery, problems with medical devices such as pacemakers and other medical implant devices, and a variety of other scenarios. Moreover, the issue of medical malpractice is a growing problem due to our aging population.