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July 2015 Archives

Cherry Hill Medical Malpractice Lawyer: Proactive Health Care is Essential

When we are ill or hurt and seeking quality care, we expect the best health care services from our doctor or hospital. Even the most basic care practices are part of a protocol of any facility. Proper hand washing, patient identification and verification of medicines and procedures are fundamental essentials on which the rest of the health care treatment is based. 

Cherry Hill Car Accident Lawyers Cite Stiff Fines and Penalties for Road Rage

Cameras are always rolling in Hollywood, and recently they captured real-life drama between two motorists. In early June, a road rage incident was filmed by an onlooker using a smartphone. The dispute began when one of the drivers made a lane change along the 101 Freeway, which angered a fellow driver. Both cars then left the freeway and engaged in verbal sparring for several miles before exiting their vehicles and engaging in a mid-morning, rush hour fist fight.